5 Tactics to Beat Boredom

Being bored is boring. When you can’t think of anything to do and you’ve already watched every piece of junk on Netflix you need some new ideas. Here’s a guide to beating boredom.

Catch Up on Everything You’ve Been Putting Off

Whether you’ve been putting off doing your taxes or mowing the lawn, boredom can be a chance to do what you’ve been avoiding. Even if it’s not exactly “fun” you can use the time to get things done that need to be done. Boredom can also be the motivation you need to get back into exercising, learn a new hobby, clean the house, pay bills or wash your car. There’s no time like the present.¹

Try Something New

Boredom means that something isn’t clicking in your life. Try something new, whether it’s bungee jumping, joining a drop-in volleyball or chess club or learning to dance the rhumba. If you try a variety of new things some will be a fit for you and others won’t. You can take the new activities you do like and use them to squash boredom the next time it rears its dreary head.

More ideas abound: learn to crochet or knit, read a book, write a book, learn a language, plan for a career transition, repaint your house, redecorate the kitchen or bathroom, buy a new pair of shoes, visit an art gallery or watch a play. These are just some of the ideas that can help bust boredom.²

Get Cooking

One of the best ways to beat down boredom is to learn how to cook. You can start with simple basics like making soup or baking bread and go from there. In addition to being a lot of fun, cooking demands all your attention and will keep you fully absorbed.

What’s even better is that when you cook you can invite others over for dinner and make some new friends. Cooking is a great activity and will also build up your self-confidence and enjoyment of the simple things in life.³

Be Your Own Biggest Fan

Sometimes boredom can be a sign that we’re a little bit burned out on life. It’s important to become your own biggest fan. Think of all your “wins” in life and use these to motivate you to get off the couch and get moving.

Maybe you’ll end up starting a business or running a marathon, or perhaps you’ll start learning a new language and travel to a country you’ve always wanted to visit. The possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself and start thinking optimistically about the future.⁴

(Van) Gogh For It

Drawing is a great way to ease boredom. Try sketching a little bit or even making a short comic. You can also pick up a paint brush and channel your inner Vincent van Gogh. If you’re not in the mood for working out or doing something more active, drawing and doodling can be a wonderful way to stop the boredom.⁵

Make Friends

Making friends can be a great way to stop being bored. Whether you do it online or in person, chatting to some new people can be a lot of fun. It could even lead to a date and romance, you never know.

Whether you join an online site like Reddit, Facebook or Twitter, or find some local classes to take yoga or martial arts you can end up making some great new friends and spending time together.²

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