How to Avoid Many of the Most Common Laptop Problems

Laptop computers are a wonder of the modern world, allowing convenient computing on the go. There are a huge variety of laptops on the market and all sorts of choices when it comes to finding exactly what you want. The downside is that laptops tend to have a shorter life than desktop computers; the upside is that there are a number of tips that can help ensure your laptop doesn’t die on you and lasts as long as possible.

Too Much Fan

One of the most common issues with laptops is when the fan starts running constantly and loudly and your laptop seems to overheat. This is sometimes followed by the laptop shutting down suddenly once a certain hot point is reached, which is bad news. One of the main reasons a fan starts to go haywire is because your laptop is not ventilating properly. This can especially be the case if you are using it on your bed or on top of cushions and surfaces that don’t let the fan work properly. Make sure to put your laptop on hard surfaces like a desk, instead. Also consider taking it to a computer store to have it cleaned out with pressurized air. Your fan will be happy.¹


Going viral online can be a great thing, but on your laptop a virus can be a death blow. It can lead to very slow performance, sudden power outages, stolen and missing information and random popups all the time. The solution here is to install a reliable antivirus program – whether free or paid – and take it seriously. Keep your antivirus program updated and don’t ignore it as just another detail. It is vital to keep an eye on your antivirus program and make sure your computer is protected so you don’t end up with a laptop on the fritz and a bunch of lost information and work.²

Treating Your Laptop Right

In addition to being careful when picking up your laptop, moving it and adjusting the screen angle, it is important to pay attention to its battery health. If you always run off plugged in power the battery actually becomes weaker, so consider letting it run off battery every few days. It is also important to keep your laptop clean in terms of the keyboard and screen so that grime and dust don’t build up and also clog up your keyboard, keypad and screen area. Avoid drinking around your laptop or balancing food items or snacks on or near it. The last thing you want is a drink spilling on your laptop or sticky and greasy food getting all up in its inner circuitry. This also means it is a good idea to clean your hands before using your laptop so you keep it as clean as possible.³

Laptop Runs Slowly

This is one of the most common laptop problems and it can be either hardware (the computer itself) or software (the programs and interrelation of programs on the computer). There are a number of ways to speed up your laptop, including defragmenting the drives, clearing away unnecessary files such as games you no longer play and running system diagnostics on it using web tools to determine what can be done to make it faster. In addition, check whether unnecessary tasks and programs are running by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete (or Command + Option + Esc on a Mac) and looking at the task manager. Having too many programs running at once can slow down your laptop significantly.¹

Power Surge Nightmare

Power surges can happen anytime and can totally destroy or severely damage your laptop and the files that are on it. In order to avoid this happening you should buy an outlet surge protector which will make sure that a sudden power surge doesn’t hit your laptop and fry the motherboard.⁴