How to Travel the World for Less

There are a surprisingly large amount of things you can do to still have an incredible travel experience but not spend much. If you want to travel the world but not break the bank then this guide is for you.

Travel to a Cheap Country

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s important to emphasize. If you go to New Zealand or Denmark you’re going to be spending a lot of money just on food alone. Instead of this try out a cheap country in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa or eastern Europe. There are great hostels and also cheap hotels that cost much less than they would in a Western country and you will also get to experience places that are a bit off the beaten track with exciting cultures, new foods and places to visit and stay.¹

Sublet Your Place

If you’re traveling or on vacation you can sublet your apartment or home and get money flowing back into your account while you’re away. Using Airbnb is one great option and another smart move is to look into a house swap with someone who lives in the place you’re traveling to. Especially if you’re traveling to a cheaper country, having money coming in from someone staying in your place can be a big help.²

Work and Travel

Another excellent tip is to work where you travel to. Options include teaching English, working in a hostel or guesthouse, becoming a local tour guide, getting a serving job at a restaurant or working at a bar. Usually you don’t need to worry about the work visa and if this is an issue then you can always try to arrange a situation where you help out at a job as a volunteer in return for room and board. As a bonus you’re likely to make some great new friends, too!³

Stay Open

One of the best ways to save on world travel is to stay as flexible as possible. Sometimes a great deal will come up at the last minute on airfare, or you will end up wanting to stay longer somewhere than expected – or shorter. In this case it’s best not to have too rigid of an itinerary and to leave your schedule fairly open. Although there will be some “must see” destinations you have in mind, be flexible about when and pay attention to lower airfares and accommodation rates so you can save more.⁴

Be Your Own Chef

Cooking for yourself when you travel will save you piles of money. Even in countries that aren’t that cheap, buying food at the grocery store and cooking in the hostel kitchen or preparing cold meals to eat at your hotel will be a big money saving tactic. You can still eat out now and then, but don’t make a habit of it. Become your own chef and save big.³

Find Free Places to Stay

This can include house sitting, couch surfing, working for room and board or staying with friends or family who live where you’re traveling. If you can save on accommodation you’ve just eliminated one of the biggest costs of travel. There are a number of websites where you can find reputable house sitting opportunities and the same goes for couch surfing. Make sure to stay safe, but be open to exploring these money saving possibilities.²


If you’re going somewhere warm you can bring a tent and camp. This is best to do with a fellow travel partner such as a friend or romantic partner, but doing it solo is also an option. Taking cheap buses or a bike as well as camping can be an exhilarating experience and it can save you bundles of money.¹