Simple Ways to Save on Groceries

Grocery shopping is one of those necessary things that we all have to do. The bad news is that it often ends up costing a lot more than it should. Here are the best ways to save big the next time you’re at the grocery store.

Plan Ahead

Before you go shopping write out a list of meals for the week. Then write what ingredients you need for them. Planning ahead and doing more than just a half-random list will end up saving you a huge amount of money and confusion at the store.¹

Unit Price

When shopping pay attention to the unit price per 100 grams or 100 milliliters. You can even do some quick math on your smartphone calculator. Whether you’re buying juice, crackers or a loaf of bread, find out the unit price and compare it among different brands.²


Making meals and freezing them will cut out a lot of wasted grocery store trips and money. There are a ton of great freezer meal recipes online that are fast and easy. You can get your meals set for the whole week by setting aside one meal day prep: try it out, it really works.³

Know Your Store

In addition to trying out different grocery stores and comparing prices, get to know your store’s layout where you usually go. Stay away from the junk food aisles and the packaged items as much as possible. Learn the layout of your store and get to know the items it carries and their prices so you can pick them out more easily next time you shop.²

Coupon King

Become a coupon king or queen. This can include physical coupons you cut out but these days it’s more likely to be online coupons which you can find through all sorts of helpful free apps. The only caution here is not to buy things you don’t need just because you have coupons for them.⁴

Bulk With Caution

Buying bulk is popular as a way to save money, but don’t always assume you’re getting the cheapest price. Check the unit price and compare it with what you’d pay normally. In addition, avoid buying a lot of bulk in items which will expire. You’re not saving money if you don’t end up using what you buy.³

Skip Brands

Well-known brand names are generally more expensive. Buy store brands or no-names instead. You’ll end up saving a lot.²

Use What You Have First

Before heading out to shop, check out your own fridge and cupboards to see what you still have. Chances are there’s enough to make a delicious pot of soup or one or two meals from the frozen food stuck at the back of the freezer. If you want to save money on groceries always use what you have first.³

Get Your Toiletries at the Pharmacy

If you need a toothbrush, shaving cream or makeup don’t get it at the grocery store. These items and other toiletries are usually a lot cheaper at pharmacies and over time buying them at the grocery store because it’s convenient can cost you a lot.⁴

Hungry? Don’t Shop

Shopping while hungry is one of the biggest causes of wasting money at the grocery store. When your stomach is rumbling it’s hard to think straight, especially with tantalizing foods at eye level calling out to you to snack as soon as possible with the easiest options available. If you’re hungry stay away from the grocery store. It’s easier to make informed buying decisions on a full stomach.³

Pace Yourself

Last but not least, don’t shop in a hurry. Give yourself time to compare prices, find what you need and shop in a relaxed way. If you’re in a big hurry chances are that you will end up wasting money.¹