Smart Ways to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Weddings are a special time full of family, friends and true love. But they don’t always go perfectly and they can be a real challenge to organize. Here are some smart strategies for how to plan the perfect wedding and ensure the big day is the absolute best it can be.

Make Your Dollars Count

Romance is one of the best things about life, but to have a perfect wedding you need to get the money side of things right. Work out a budget on what you can spend before you begin looking for the venue, considering who to invite or anything else.

Weddings can sometimes get very expensive, so it is also advisable to sometimes think about asking for a bit of help from you or your partners parents in order to make the wedding be the best it can be. With the right budget the wedding will be much more likely to be a stunning success.¹

Start Early

Start wedding planning up to a year early in order to make sure things go smoothly on the big day. Weddings don’t have to be stressful or full of anxiety, they can be well-planned and lovely times to see loved ones and for the special couple to tie the knot in front of everyone and enjoy the reception afterwards.

Start thinking about your wedding specifics earlier, and begin to organize things like insurance, who to invite, venue and how much you can spend.²

Check Venue Availability

If you have a date set then you want to start as early as possible to book a venue for your wedding reception and a church or religious institution – if desired – for the ceremony. Marriage is still very popular and there won’t always be a time available for you, particularly if you start calling and e-mailing around when you’re already only a month or two out from the date.

Make sure to choose a location for the ceremony and reception that fits the amount of people you’re inviting and also consider who’s coming. If there are a lot of elderly relatives you probably don’t want a wedding hall that has a steep flight of stairs to get in the front door.¹

Guests Can Make or Break a Wedding

Don’t stress too much about your guest list. There’s always going to be one or two who don’t show up who you really wish had and a few where you wish they hadn’t. Still, keep in mind that the right or wrong guests can make or break a wedding.

Of course there are some family members and friends you basically have to invite, but think carefully about some of the other more optional guests before sending out the invite. Do you really want your bride-to-be’s former DJ boyfriend with a rumored alcohol problem to attend? Maybe the answer is yes – it could be fun – but think carefully and consult your partner before making these kind of decisions.²

Be Uniquely You

In choosing your wedding location, vows, music, spiritual nature and many other factors it is vital to be uniquely you. This means taking into account both bride and groom’s tastes, beliefs and wedding vision.

If one of you wants to keep it low-key and invite only a few people with a cozy reception and the other wants a rollicking party that’s the talk of the town for years to come then try to reach a compromise.

For décor, music, venue, guest list, food and the many other choices, have discussions with your significant other about what you think is best and make sure to talk to friends and family who will often be happy to come up with ideas or maybe even a special “theme” for your wedding that will be special and memorable for all involved.³