The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Fitness can be an excellent way to improve both your body and mind. From lifting weights and using machines to running on the treadmill or mastering the StairMaster there’s all sorts of things you can do to have a great workout. However, finding motivation is hard and that’s where a personal trainer can come in, boosting your motivation and improving your fitness.

Here are several great benefits to getting a personal trainer.


One of the best things that a personal trainer can give you is accountability. Often New Year’s resolutions or dedication at the gym can run dry as energy and motivation runs out. A personal trainer will make you stick to the program.

When you know you have to meet up with your person trainer you don’t put off your workout until next week. In addition, the respect and rapport you are building with your personal trainer and the progress your making are a massive motivation that keeps you going.¹


Personal trainers are fitness experts. Hiring one will help you learn a lot about exercise and how to do it in the most effective way possible. You will also get a lot of deeply valuable advice about nutrition, lifestyle and mindset that will help you in every area of your life.

Your personal trainer will be able to tailor exercises and workouts to your personal capabilities and needs and judge just how much to push you – a bit but not beyond reason – so that you get amazing results. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your body and mind.²


As mentioned above, a personal trainer is just that – personalized. They will work with you to meet the level you’re at. A good personal trainer will understand your limitations and ambitions and work with both of them to create a personalized workout program that will test you but not break you.³

New Ideas

High quality personal trainers are experts at coming up with new ideas. Even if you’re a veteran fitness junkie, chances are you’ve gotten into a bit of a pattern: the same old weight machines, the same chest curls, the same stretches. That’s all well and good, but switching it up and trying out new things can bring your fitness to the next level and help you reach new heights of personal accomplishment. Even with limited equipment there are so many new exercises and ideas you can try out that will open up new fitness horizons before your eyes. Your trainer will be able to suggest new workouts, stretches, and ideas that will help you enter a whole new world of exercise.⁴


A personal trainer will optimize your schedule, energy level and the equipment that’s on hand to create a truly great workout for you. They will put together a smart and well-balanced program for you to test yourself without wrecking yourself.

Before you start your time with a personal trainer they will likely talk to you and work out an optimal schedule and workout level that works for the time you have available and helps you meet your fitness goals.⁵


No matter how well you know the gym, injuries – including long-term, repetitive strain injuries – are always a very real possibility. Often some of us will try to overdo it on our own or just wing it – and injure a shoulder muscle in the process. It’s a not a fun experience by any means.

In contrast, a personal trainer knows muscles and joints and they will help you avoid injuries at the gym and guide you through your workouts, which is very helpful.¹