SUV or Sedan: Which Is the Better Fit for You?

If you’re shopping around for a new vehicle there’s a lot of choice out there. New driving technology is changing the way we drive and bringing all sorts of new cars and SUVs on the lot. The underlying question remains: should you buy a sedan or an SUV? This guide takes a look at the benefits and drawbacks of each.


One of the considerations that comes into play is how much room you want. If you usually pack a fair bit of stuff in your vehicle then an SUV will be more up your alley, whereas if you are not so in need of space then a sedan can often be perfectly sufficient for your space requirements. If you want to bring along a bike, kayaks or other equipment than an SUV will be a much better choice, but if you are mostly just trying to commute without carrying much around then a sedan has you covered.¹


When it comes to mileage there are also some issues to look at. SUVs have improved a lot in terms of the mileage they get from the early days, but in general sedans will get you better mileage. If you want high miles per gallon on an SUV then you can go with a hybrid SUV which often gets better mileage than its non-hybrid sedan counterparts.²


When it comes to budget, sedans are generally the cheaper option – particularly subcompact sedans or small hatchbacks – however SUVs have come down in price quite a bit and there are some great deals out there. This is particularly true if you look for dealers who have overstocked last year’s or this current year’s SUV models and are offering steep discounts that will make them much more affordable.¹


Sedans are more aerodynamic, but SUVs tend to have better traction and four-wheel drive for winter conditions. Especially when it comes to crossover SUVs, handling is top-notch, but the high center of gravity can mean you need to take turns a bit more gently. In general sedans will be more aerodynamically adept and stable than SUVs, but nonetheless there are many great SUVs out there that are a pleasure to drive and have had aerodynamic improvements made.³


If you’re looking to do some towing then you’re better off with an SUV. A mid-sized SUV can tow up to 5,000 pounds, which is quite impressive. If you’re trying to take your boat around you’re best off going with an SUV, but if towing isn’t something you need to do then a sedan could be perfectly in line for what you need.¹


In terms of comfort there are pluses and minuses to both SUVs and sedans. Since they’re lower sedans are easier to enter and exit, but SUVs can also be very comfy and have more space. It also depends whether you prefer to drive a bit higher off the ground or lower to the ground. Naturally, SUVs are best suited to those who like to drive higher up, while sedans are best suited to those who like to be lower to the ground.³

Wear and Tear

When it comes to wear and tear keep in mind that SUV tires will wear out a lot faster because they have a heavier weight. In general a set of SUV tires will wear down after 30,000 miles whereas a set of sedan tires will last you about 50,000 miles. This is something to consider before you make your decision, although for those who need an SUV for other reasons it won’t be a dealbreaker.⁴