Six of the Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

If you’re one of those people that feels incomplete because of not playing an instrument or are just looking for a fun new activity to try then you are in luck. Maybe you’re still thinking about taking it up, but the difficulty of some instruments and the lack of time are an obstacle. You shouldn’t worry about it, however, because this guide will tell you six instruments that are relatively easy to master.


This little keyboard that sounds similar to an accordion or harmonica works by you blowing a mouthpiece. With this instrument you can play simple and fun melodies that can be accompanied by a guitar. The melodica is perfect for your first steps in music, since its price is affordable, it is simple to play and pretty portable. Many teachers choose these instruments to teach the basics in music for kids since who understand a keyboard. With a few lessons you will be able to play folk music and Christmas carols.


You may have seen many famous people playing it on video and fallen immediately in love with the beautiful harmony, and guess what? The ukulele is actually really easy to play. This instrument will be perfect for you if the six strings of the guitar terrify you and bar chords jam your arm before you can get the right sound. The solution is the guitar in its light version, that is, the ukulele. It’s also the perfect partner of the melodica since the melodica leads the melody and the ukulele generally provides background rhythm and accompanying harmony.¹


The kazoo is suitable for singers, comedians, clowns, impersonators and unique people. If you like singing or have hummed epic sax hits like “Careless Whisper” or “Baker Street” in a funny way or you spontaneously imitate the sound of a shrill trumpet and you like to get attention, the kazoo and its charming sound will have a place in your heart and in your pocket. The kazoo is very affordable and you can take it wherever you want because it does not take up much space.


The hang is especially well-suited to spiritual people, percussionists, enlightened, meditation and yoga instructors. This is a very easy percussion instrument that is not much work to operate. Just tap it with your fingers and it will produce beautiful tones. From playing the hang you will obtain a mystical and deep sound that will undoubtedly inspire inner peace and calm.

Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan bowls are curious pot-like instrument that vibrates when rubbing against a stick.  Of unclear origin, some consider this instrument to be an ancient tradition, and others connect it with the New Age counterculture that emerged in the 1960’s. Regardless of its origin, this instrument has a sound that in truth placidly evokes the deepest states of meditation. Its sweet whistle produces auditory and body vibrations. Tibetan bowls do take patience to make them sound right, but the satisfaction of hearing them play will be well worth it. When buying more than one Tibetan bowl make sure they are at compatible frequencies so that their resonance will be harmonic.


The cajon represents the synthesis of pop and rock rhythms and is perfect for acoustic performances and small auditoriums where a battery would ruin any possibility of sound balance. A guitar and a cajon are inseparable companions and the cajon is a well-loved drum-type instrument that will provide years of enjoyment.