Six Easy Ideas for a Balcony Garden

Growing flowers, plants and vegetables is a rewarding and fun activity. Sure, it takes some patience, but it really pays off in the end. Whether you want to grow tomatoes or hyacinths, here are six great ideas for a balcony garden.

Get Vertical

An excellent place to start for your balcony garden is with some vertical plant shelves. These save space and still leave you with lots of room to grow your beautiful flowers, vines and vegetables. Having vertical shelves gives you the chance to arrange planters and containers in unique but organized ways and to have easy access to them for watering and maintenance. There are many great vertical planting shelves on the market that you can buy online or at your local gardening center so you can find just the style and kind that you want.¹

Contain Yourself

Planting containers are your building blocks for a great balcony garden whether you’re into vegetables, flowers, cacti or any other wild and wonderful plant Containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make it easy to arrange, water and care for your plants. You can add healthy soil into containers to make sure plants get the nutrients they need to flourish and can buy containers of different sizes ranging from small and shallow to long or wide and deep depending on what you’re growing.²

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can really make your balcony garden come to life. Whether you are focused on colorful flowers or delicious vegetables or even an amazing avocado tree, hanging baskets can be the way to go. For one thing you can put them anywhere with a hook or surface to hang them on and for another thing there are some really classy hanging baskets out there that will add panache and style to your balcony garden and make it even more of a pleasure to be out and about in.¹

Veggies And Herbs

When it comes to vegetables and herbs, your balcony garden is the perfect place to grow things like tomatoes, Bell pepper, summer squash, lettuce, bok choy, radishes and cucumbers as well as herbs such as parsley, basil, rosemary, onions, mint and many others. Root vegetables and greens like a bit of shade while things like herbs like a bit more sun. Work out how much sun and shade the vegetables are getting and then follow the instructions to the best of your ability as you arrange their spot in your balcony garden.³

Torenia And Hibiscus

When it comes to flowers there are all sorts of options that will crown your balcony in glory. This includes everything from torenia – the purple, pink and white “wishbone flower” – and the exotic and lovely hibiscus as well as fuchsias and sweet alyssum. These are just some ideas, but the truth is that the sky is the limit. Your balcony garden can be a peaceful refuge of beauty and picking the flowers for it is half the fun.⁴

Water Matters

It’s very important that your balcony garden gets enough to drink. For this reason you need to plan out and be certain about how your soil buddies will get watered. Make sure that you have a hose that can reach them with a spraying nozzle or that watering them with a watering can will not be overly difficult. For this reason, make sure to leave enough space to walk between your planters and to reach them on their shelves or in their containers or where they are located along the veranda.²