Making the Most of a Trip Abroad

In the whirlwind of traveling abroad you can sometimes get lost in the sights and sounds. Even with your trip all planned the experience can become overwhelming. How do you get the most of your travel and stay safe and happy in the process? This guide will tell you some tips.

Stop and Smell the Roses

This advice holds true for life in general and especially for traveling. Take your time and don’t rush things. When you try to cram five places into four days you end up missing half of what you see and feel stressed the whole time. Leave flexibility in your itinerary as well so that if you love somewhere you can book a few extra days. You’ll enjoy yourself more.¹

Stay Safe Out There

Having medical insurance is an absolute must. Even the best trip can be ruined if you don’t have insurance. It’s also a good idea to buy insurance for lost or misplaced bags so that you don’t end up having to restock your wardrobe from scratch with no help. In addition, make sure to always read insurance closely. There can be a lot hidden in that fine print that’s not so super.²

Keep Track of Your Memories

Taking photos and keeping a short travel journal are great ways to record your memories. Keep it easygoing on this one, however, as 100 photos a day can be a little much and it creates an entire week’s work for you when you get home.

Still, taking a few photos a day with friends and of things you do and see will be a lot of fun to look back on later, and writing down a short travel journal about your experience will be great to peruse someday in the future. Plus, writing in a journal as you sip from a coconut on the beach is just a lot of fun.¹

Put Your Best Foot Forward

It’s no secret that some places are friendlier than others, but it also has a lot to do with you. When traveling abroad being friendly can open doors to all sorts of experiences that could otherwise remain out of reach. That impromptu barbecue at the beach in Hawaii? It all happened because you got in a fun chat with the guy at the hotel reception and he invited you.

The amazing outdoor concert you ended up going to in Vietnam happened after you struck up a friendship with a quirky backpacker. It all fits together. When you are very friendly and do your best to maintain an agreeable attitude, locals and fellow travelers will return your positive attitude and invite you out. Plus you’ll generally enjoy your travel experience much more in general.³

Try New Things

The best experiences when you travel are often things you don’t pre-plan or expect. A wild night in Greece dancing into the early hours or an amazing trip hiking up a shallow canyon at Saklikent in Turkey are some of those that come to mind. Open yourself up to new experiences that are out of your comfort zone and you’ll end up getting much more from your trip abroad.⁴

Buddy Up or Travel With Your Partner

There’s nothing wrong with traveling solo and it can be an enriching and fun experience that leaves you free to do what you want when you want. Nonetheless, choosing to buddy up with a friend, family member or significant other adds a whole additional layer of enjoyment and connection to the trip. You not only get the fun and interesting experiences that happen along the way of your trip, you also get to bond closer with those you care about and share time with them, too.²