Looking for a Dog? Here Are The Easiest Breeds to Train

There’s nothing like a furry four-legged friend to make life better. Dogs are special bundles of joy that bless our lives with their boisterous paw-sonalities. The main downside is that some canines can be very hard to train. Here’s a guide to the five easiest dogs to train.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

One of the easiest dogs to train is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These cute and cuddly paw pals are active and talented little guys, but they are good at listening to instructions and training that is done – especially when they are puppies – pays off in the long-term. The wonderful thing about Pembroke Welsh Corgis is that their behavior tends to be quite good and they are loyal and stick by you for life. People love corgis because they are affectionate and energetic fur balls who respond well to a decisive master.¹

Golden Retriever

Another popular furry friend that is relatively easy to train is the golden retriever. You may know of them from the movie Air Bud or from your favorite neighborhood friend growing up. And these guys sure are loveable. Golden retrievers respond well to training at a young age and tend to be very social and well-adjusted animals who play well with others – which is always a plus. Sometimes golden retrievers can develop bad habits – just like people – but with some good training and bonding these habits can be eased away and the loyalty and love between you and your golden buddy will only increase.²

Border Collie

Border collies are very energetic and rambunctious with very sharp minds and instincts. They will keep you on your toes but they do take well to training if it’s done with a firm hand and consistently over time from their younger years. If you have the energy and time to teach this dog obedience then you can work with their natural intelligence and verve to create a great companion who will always keep things lively and full of exercise but still listen well to you when you tell them to settle down.¹

Mini Schnauzer

Next up in the simple training category is the mini schnauzer. This zippy breed responds well to clear instructions and even though they can be a bit rebellious and obstinate they will generally listen very well to an owner who is sure about what he or she wants and won’t let their schnauzer rule the roost and call the shots. Mini schnauzers are a great breed that love to have fun and always stay well bonded with an owner. As if that wasn’t enough mini schnauzers are style kings and queens with their cute beards.³

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are super duper creatures who are not hard to train. They are the kind of strong and gentle dog that every dog owner dreams of and they enjoy rollicking around outdoors and making the most of life. They tend to be quite relaxed and good around people, although sometimes they can take a bit of getting used to a new person. Bernese Mountain dogs respond best to training that rewards and incentivizes them in positive ways.¹

A Final Note

Every dog is different and you can’t always make sweeping judgments about training difficulty based on breed. Nonetheless, the above guidelines generally hold true for the above breeds. At the end of the day your furry friend will respond well to the love and attention you give it and during training in its formative years your consistency, time and discipline will go a long way into making sure your paw pal becomes a good boy or girl as they grow up.

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