How to Decide on a New Place to Move

Moving can be stressful and confusing, but it’s part of life. These days with economic changes and busy lives moving is becoming even more common. Sometimes you don’t have a choice where to move if you are relocated by your job. But in other cases you may move voluntarily or make a choice for yourself or your family. The question then becomes: how do you decide where to move and what factors are the most important? Here’s a guide.

Make A List Of Priorities

The first step is to make a list of your priorities. This will differ from person to person and family to family. Maybe you want to be close to a certain industry and recreational opportunities or are seeking out certain kinds of weather, low crime rates or cultural factors. Of course the reality is that for many people one of the top priorities is going to be the cost of relocation and the prices of real estate in terms of renting and buying in their new location as well as other matters like how high taxes – property and state taxes – are in the new place. Still, cost isn’t always everything, so make a list of what you want in your new hometown and keep it in mind as you work towards making a decision.¹

Education, Healthcare, Transport

It’s important to assess the nuts and bolts of your future home. Does it have good roads and commuting time? Are the schools generally rated as high-quality? How many hospitals does it have and are they near the areas of the city, town or rural location that you’re considering? These topics may seem dry but they can make a huge difference once you’re actually in your new home, especially if you have kids or elderly people involved in the move who will need some services like schools and healthcare as well as more convenient ways to get around by car, bus or subway that won’t take the whole day stuck in traffic.²

Big City, Small Town Or Nobody Else Around?

When it comes to deciding where to move, envision yourself and any others who are moving with you in your new home or apartment. Picture a typical day from getting up in the morning to going to sleep when the sun sets. Are you in a bustling city like Chicago or LA or are you in a mid-sized city like Columbus, Georgia or Eugene, Oregon? Maybe you’re in a small town in Louisiana or Texas, or living in rural Washington state or Montana. Think about how you will feel in your new location, including by watching YouTube videos of the new place and even walking around in Google Maps. Is this new place your happy place or will it drag you down?³

Family Matters

One of the most important considerations in deciding where to move is how close the new destination is to your friends and family. Especially if you usually spend vacations together or have elderly members of the family who need help and some company, moving far away to the other side of the country might not be the best idea or the most considerate of other people. Sometimes you just need a change or work requires you to move far away, but when you’re making the choice keep in mind that being close to family and friends can be one of the most important factors of all in deciding where to move.¹

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

As much as it might be a cliché, jobs are a key part of deciding where to move. If you’re deciding on your own where to move then thinking about the jobs that are available where you’re going is a key consideration. Even if you’re currently employed or work remotely, the jobs that are available in your new destination are crucial because if your career or current employment situation changes in the future then the new area you live in will be highly important for your new work prospects and job search.²