How Long Should a New Cell Phone Last?

Cell phones are a modern-day necessity for people’s personal lives and for business. There are a broad range of choices for selecting a cellphone when you make a purchase, but a common question that many people wonder is: how long – realistically speaking – should my new cellphone last and what can I do to make it last longer? This guide is here to answer those two key questions.

How Long Can You Expect A New Smartphone To Last?

The short answer here is that you can expect your new smartphone to last a minimum of two years but as many as five or more in some cases. This is not counting when there is some exceptional circumstance like dropping it in water or getting stepped on by mistake and so forth. Whether you own an iPhone, Android or other variety of cell phone they are generally vulnerable to decaying over time and wearing down after a few years. If the phone battery is dying really quickly every time you use the phone a normal amount it could be a sign that there is a software or other problem inside the phone and you should take it to a repair technician, since not doing so can significantly reduce the phone’s life over time. Screen damage and dropping your phone can also lead to it breaking down ahead of time and being very costly to fix.¹

Just In Case

You want your phone to last as long as possible, especially if you have purchased it outright and are using it for a pay as you go plan. The first is to buy a protective screen guard and case that will cushion the phone from damage of being dropped, handled roughly or hit against hard surfaces by mistake. These can be purchased in-store or online, just make sure you get the right case for your model. It is also a good idea to back up your phone in case anything happens to it by sending photos and data you want saved to the cloud. If your phone breaks the last thing you want is to also lose everything you had on it.²

More Tips For Increasing Your Phone’s Lifespan

There are more helpful tips for how to help your phone live a longer, happier life. One is to close any apps and programs you aren’t using when you have your phone on. Letting them run in the background for years and years can start to drain the phone’s energy and overburden the operating system. In addition, let your battery go from a full charge all the way down to zero and charge it, especially the first few times you recharge your phone. This can significantly increase your battery life. Other tips include handling your phone with care and avoiding having it in extremely hot or cold temperatures.¹

Your Phone Can Have A Long Life

Your Android or iPhone can last much longer than two years if you take good care of it and follow the above tips. Eventually, however, even if your physical phone is doing quite well, new updates can start to overburden older system. Nonetheless, you can often avoid accepting all the new upgrades and continue to use your phone for sometime after it is considered “old” by those around you or a salesperson trying to sell you a new one.³

Is Your Phone Dying?

The last and most important question to ask is whether your phone needs to be replaced and how soon it is likely to need to be replaced. If your phone is getting noticeably sluggish and is having various problems with the screen, touch features and apps it can be a sign that it will need to be replaced soon. In addition, various bugs interrupting regular use of your phone is a big red flag. Battery life is a major sign of a deteriorating phone and although you can buy a new battery, sometimes it is more cost-effective to sign up for a plan that includes a new phone or check if your current plan allows for a free upgrade.²