Helpful Tips to Save Money on Energy and Utility Bills

Energy and utility bills can add up. By the end of the billing cycle customers are often looking at numbers they aren’t prepared for and which they simply don’t have the money to pay for. Fortunately, there are some smart tips for saving money on your energy bills and utilities that are easy to put into action.

Ceiling Fans Are Your Friend

If you live in a hot climate then it’s a reality that you need some kind of ventilation. However, instead of cranking your air-conditioning you should install a ceiling fan. These fans drop your room temperature up to 10 degrees and use around 90 percent less energy than an air conditioning unit. Over time this adds up into significant savings that you will greatly appreciate.¹

Plug The Gaps

It might sound basic, but small draughts that get through gaps in your windows and other areas can cause your heating and air-conditioning costs to skyrocket. Around windows and doors you can use draught-proofing strips and on the bottom of doors hinged-flap draught excluders are very helpful. Another key place to watch out for energy leakage is your fireplace and chimney. Even if you rarely use your fireplace energy escapes up the chimney. When not using it, try blocking it with some pillows.²

Watch Out For Water

Water usage can be an absolute bank account buster. Watch out for how much water you are using, especially hot water. In fact, your water heater alone can account for an average of around 20% of your home or apartment’s entire energy use according to the US Department of Energy. Save energy by buying an efficient water heater with a high Energy Star rating especially a tank-less heater, repair all leaks on your toilets, dishwasher and appliances and install low-volume flush toilets. Also practice practical tips like not leaving the tap running and taking shorter showers.³

Be Dim For The Win

It may seem simple, but installing dimmer switches on your lights can save a lot on your electricity bills. There are even dimmer switches which can run conveniently off an app and save you a real bundle without having to get up constantly to adjust them as your need for various levels of light changes – you can do it all from the app. One key detail to keep in mind, however, is that not all lightbulbs work with dimmer switches so make sure to ask the attendant at the store before purchasing lightbulbs.¹

Appliances Make A Huge Difference

Choosing energy-efficient appliances can make a major difference on your bills, and so too can replacing your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, televisions, heaters, ovens and many other appliances can suck up energy like a vacuum, particularly if they are older. Investing in new appliances and paying close attention to energy usage rating and reading reviews will end up saving you a lot of money in the long-run.²

Check Your Electricity

Old thermostats are basically energy sinkholes. Upgrade to new programmable thermostats from Nest, Honeywell and others. This can save a lot on cooling and heating. In addition, there a number of other savvy ways to cut down your electricity usage including installing energy-efficient lightbulbs, using solar panels, buying equipment including computers that has a high energy-efficiency rating and asking your utility company for an energy audit that will determine where you are using more energy than you should be.¹

Showering In Savings

Changing up your shower head can save you way more energy than you might expect. Switching to a lower-capacity shower head can save hundreds per year. It is still possible to have perfectly good water pressure and a revitalizing shower without breaking the bank.¹