Great Resources Every Car Lover Should Know

If cars are one of your favorite things in the world, you’re not alone. Some people are just born car lovers. They like to look at photos of them, read about their specifications and engines and dream over old classics and new futuristic designs. Here’s a guide to some websites, podcasts, TV shows and magazines that every car lover will want to check out.

Automotive Training Center (Website)

This is an outstanding website that’s full of informative content for mechanics and drivers alike. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, the Automotive Training Center has you covered, with a blog that covers every automotive topic under the sun and has all sorts of guides for common problems with vehicles including where to get replacement parts.

This website is highly recommended for all automotive aficionados. It strikes the perfect balance between informative and fun with something to keep everyone interested and finding what’s useful for them on every page. The Automotive Training Center website can be found at this link

Top Gear (TV Show)

This show is a classic for a reason: even those who are only a bit into cars watch it once and end up hooked. The hilarious sense of humor, fascinating facts and crazy challenges and adventures make this a must-see for all the car-hearted among us. There’s the British version and Top Gear USA as well, with Adam Ferrara hosting.

Both shows are a lot of fun and you can always rewind back to the classic episodes for a good laugh and look at some magic on wheels. Top Gear continues to be a legend when it comes to car related shows because of its great hosting, wide variety of locations and incredible hijinks and escapades that take place. Check it out for yourself.²

Red Mountain Blog (Website)

Red Mountain Blog is a can’t miss for car fans and also includes the added bonus of having a lot of good advice about buying and financing cars. In addition, Red Mountain is full of super informative do-it-yourself guides on car repair and upgrades as well as how to help your car live up to its full potential. Red Mountain basically has everything about cars especially the process for registering them and every other type of technicality. Definitely worth your time, and can be found at this link

Car vs. Wild (TV Show)

Car vs. Wild is … wild. This show is so much fun to watch and it’s absolutely unpredictable. The main idea is simple: you drop two dudes off in the middle of nowhere with a Jeep and see how they can find their way out. Jungle, mountains, glaciers, you name it and this duo have tackled it with their vehicle. The characters are a California car fanatic called Bill Wu and a tough ex special forces British guy who doesn’t mess around. Prepare for fun and adventures.⁴

Lauren Fix – The Car Coach (Website)

This woman knows her cars and you can check out her blog for everything you could ever want to know, along with Lauren’s unique and captivating sense of humor. Car Coach gets you on the road to full car efficiency and knowledge in no time, with informative articles, tips, reviews and products that will keep you clicking back for more. Her website can be found here

Just a Car Guy (Website)

Jesse Bowers is Just a Car guy, and his blog is charming and full of interesting facts and unique stories and tales. It is full of car nostalgia, old photos and informative articles where Jesse muses about all things cars. If you are in love with cars then this guy’s site is the perfect place to find a kindred spirit. This site is definitely one you will enjoy checking out and can be found here.⁵