Great Personal Finance Podcasts to Get Smarter About Money

Let’s face it: whether we like it or not money is important. Without money things like food and just managing your basic life become downright near impossible. But managing your personal finances can be confusing and stressful. Here are seven top-notch personal finance podcasts that will help you out with great advice and info.

Don’t Retire … Graduate!

The Don’t Retire … Graduate! podcast is full of advice that’s perfectly suited to those who are getting towards the age of retirement. Instead of fully “hanging up the gloves,” Don’t Retire … Graduate! encourages listeners to think of retirement in new ways full of professional and personal opportunities as well as strategies and ways to keep financially secure. Give it a try.¹

Popcorn Finance

Popcorn Finance by Chris Browning is one of the best personal finance podcasts out there. It’s full of fun and engaging content about finance – and each episode is only 15-minutes long, so you don’t have to worry about your attention span reaching its limit. Chris focuses a lot on ways to live in a minimalist way, stay out of debt and solve common financial obstacles. He also co-hosts a show about common money problems called This is Awkward with Allison Baggerly that is worth your time to check out.²

Brown Ambition

Brown Ambition is an hour-long podcast show hosted by Tiffany Aliche and her friend Mandy Woodruff. The subjects are all money-related and range from effective ways to beat debt to how to buy a car without sinking yourself in a financial hole. They also get into some really good ways to work out a healthy personal budget, set spending limits and take out loans without sinking yourself. Brown Ambition also gives really solid career advice and informative answers about many topics that will prepare you well for the wild world of money.³

Side Hustle by Nick Loper

Side Hustle is an entertaining and informative podcast hosted by Nick Loper. It’s all about exactly what it sounds like: ways to make money on the side and help pay off debts and pay all those extra costs that tend to stack up in life. Loper is a really professional and engaging host who makes his topics consistently interesting and manages to get into a lot of specifics about loans, earning money online and other topics without becoming overly technical or confusing. Highly recommended.²

BiggerPockets Money

BiggerPockets Money is a top-notch personal finance podcast by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench. It’s especially centered on the real estate industry and how to invest in it without digging yourself into a hole. The hosts really know their stuff and keep things light, entertaining and packed full of valuable info. If you want to start making money through real estate investing but aren’t quite sure where to start, take a listen to this podcast.¹

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey knows his financial topics better than almost anyone and his 40-minute episodes of The Dave Ramsey Show will have you saving money like crazy and thinking of it in new and innovative ways before you’ve even listened for ten minutes. Ramsey has excellent reviews and is very popular because his shows are highly useful and full of information that’s meaningful and usable about personal finance, saving and even assessing your own mindset and approach to money as a whole. Check it out.³

So Money by Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi hosts So Money and she does a great job of it. This podcast focuses on strategies to think more wisely about money while also tackling topics related to self-improvement and overall success. The show features great guests from the professional and business world who chime in with their advice as well. It’s definitely worth a listen.¹