Getting the Right Shampoo for Your Hair

Everyone’s hair is different, and finding the right shampoo for your hair type can be a struggle. With all the flashy labels and advertising you can get lost in the confusion. This guide is here to rinse out all the rhetoric and give you clear answers about the best shampoo for your hair type.

Not All Shampoo Works for All Hair Types

Different hair types need different kinds of shampoo. Hydrating shampoo adds moisture to dry hair and scalps and is good for coarse hair, while volumizing shampoo is best for fine hair and those whose hair tends to lack volume.

When it comes to fortifying and strengthening shampoo this is good for hair that’s been hurt by being dyed too often or lost strength and durability and become damaged, while balancing shampoo is generally suitable for a variety of hair types and straightening shampoo has more moisturizing ingredients that will aid in maintaining and perfecting sleek styles and shampoo for curly hair is all about making sure your curls stay as fresh and vibrant as possible.¹

What to Avoid

In general it is a good idea to avoid shampoos with terms like “clarifying.” The fact is that many products with terms like this will actually damage your hair and make your scalp too dry. Instead try products like Neutrogena or Herbal essence if you are trying to improve oily hair, and for conditions like dandruff it can be a good idea to consult with a dermatologist about recommended shampoo if the problem becomes ongoing and long-term.²

Too Much Lather Harms Your Hair

If you watch the shampoo commercials then you’ve likely seen a beautiful woman lathering her hair luxuriantly. However, too much lather from your shampoo actually dries out your hair and damages it, making your scalp itchy.

There are far better shampoos such as those that don’t contain sulfates which will be much healthier for your hair. In addition, it’s important not to wash your hair too often – even with high-quality shampoo – as this can lead to longer-term degeneration of your hair. In general it’s recommended to wash a maximum of three times per week.²

Dry Hair

Dry hair is one of the most common afflictions that people suffer from in terms of their hair health, and it’s important to avoid frizz and damage by picking the right shampoo and buying products like argan oil. Look for argan oil in your favorite shampoos and if you can’t find it ask around and search online for brands that include it. This is especially good for treating and improving the health of dry hair and will do wonders for you.

In addition, things like split-ends and damaged hair can be treated and improved when you pick shampoo that focuses on volumizing and responds to your hair type. It’s best to do research online and look for shampoos that contain some natural ingredients suited to your hair, whether it’s dry, oily, has split-ends, is brittle or is otherwise damaged in some way.³

When Should You Buy More Than Standard Shampoo?

Basic shampoo can often be enough for some hair types, but you should consider buying more specialized hair if you have dyed your hair, or have experienced issues with dryness, frizziness, damage, dandruff, oiliness and other issues that will require special shampoo to improve. There are a number of good shampoos out there from Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk to Dessert Essence Organics which are tailor-made to treating dry or damaged hair that needs volumizing and could use a shampoo that really interacts with its hair type and improves it.²