Developing a Mindset of Wealth

Mindset is important. The way you see the world and interpret what happens in it has a major influence on your actions and responses. This is true when it comes to money and career success as well. Developing the mindset of a wealthy individual pays off in multiple ways. Here’s how to start.

Patience and Effort

Becoming wealthy takes time and the mentality of a person who becomes rich is based on patience and consistent effort. Get rid of your expectations or feelings of what you “should” get and become someone who constantly puts in a lot of work over time.

The wealthy individual doesn’t expect things to just pop up or magically appear. They aren’t waiting for “one day,” they are patiently putting in their best every day, managing their money, networking and following their dreams.¹

Positive Attitudes to Money

Many people who have grown up in financially stressful situations or had struggles in their life around money have negative attitudes about it. There may be an underlying feeling that there’s never enough or that you need to constantly push just to break even – and it may be true (for now).

Some may even have been taught by belief systems and philosophies that money itself is bad or immoral. The wealthy individual sees money as neutral: a tool. Money is energy that reflects what you’re putting into life. Stop focusing on the money and focus on growing your own power and reach – the money will flow naturally and it will be a positive thing.²

Less Talk, More Action

The mindset of a wealthy individual is focused on action, not words. Sure, they may be an excellent conversationalist but at the end of the day the wealthy person does not live in dreams or “what ifs.” If they want something they do what it takes to get it.

The prosperous attitude doesn’t think about all the negatives or chances of failure, it thinks of the positives and chances of success and only considers downsides as something to be overcome, not obstacles that will make you give up or make excuses.³

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

As the point above mentions, wealthy individuals tend to be focused on action and getting results. They are always on the lookout for the next opportunity and there is no “good enough” or plateau where they just let everything slide.

If you just got promoted and are finding your time short it doesn’t stop you from inventing an app on the weekend one night when you can’t sleep. You’re always hustling on the side, thinking of new ideas, innovating and kicking butt.

That’s because the secret is that a wealthy person loves the grind. They don’t just like the money or the prestige, they love the work itself. Find your passion and turn it into money and never stop hustling.¹

Prove That You’re Good Enough (To Yourself)

There’s a big focus in self-development and coaching work on positive thinking, and that’s very true. Rich people tend to think positive. But the secret here is that it’s not just about thoughts, it’s about proving to yourself that your thoughts and positive self-talk is true.

If you tell yourself you’re a business genius who everybody seeks out but you don’t believe it – based on evidence – in your core then it won’t really mean much and it will crumble at the first big challenge or disappointment. If you tell yourself the same thing but prove it by forming a new company with your college roommate that transforms and improves e-mail forever then your self-talk and positive thinking won’t just be empty fantasies, it will be something you proved to yourself through real-world action.⁴

Gravitate To Winners

The wealthy mindset loves to help and boost others, but it also avoids useless negativity and complaining. As a person who “thinks rich” you will seek out success and gravitate to winners. You will see bad situations as opportunities not reasons to give up, and you’ll naturally start drifting away from those who focus on the negative because you have become fixated on answers and success, not excuses and failure.⁴