Benefits of Owning an Electric Car

The price of electric cars is becoming lower and lower, and people are starting to pick up on their numerous benefits. From fuel economy to helping the environment, comfort and durability, electric vehicles have many advantages. Here’s a guide.

Cheaper in the Long Run

Electric cars are a lot cheaper to operate in the long term. Instead of pumping gas and dollars into the tank you just charge your car and you’re good to go. What’s more, the car has less breakable parts and doesn’t have a fuel injection system and many other things that a regular car does. Less parts to break means less breakdowns, which translates into big savings.

Batteries on an electric car will last you an average of about eight years and generally have a guarantee as well so the main thing you will need to worry about in terms of maintenance is just the brakes, tires, body and suspension system.¹

Help the Environment

Electric cars don’t have emissions, meaning their carbon footprint is much lower. Hybrids also have much less greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a more sustainable and less polluted future.

By driving an electric car you are aiding in the fight against climate change and, what’s more, many batteries are being made in increasingly environmentally-friendly ways as well, so many of the criticisms of the battery production process are also falling by the wayside. Electric cars are clean, efficient and get you where you need to go without the environmental impact.²

Boost the Economy

Another big advantage of driving an electric car is that it can be a patriotic choice. Electricity in the US can be made from nuclear energy, natural gas, renewable sources and coal, and it can be expected that the electricity pumping into your car is American made. You get to help the environment and boost domestic energy sources while you’re at it. Not bad!³

Going the Extra Mile

The way to really go the extra mile when it comes to driving an electric car is to derive your electricity from renewable sources as well, such as wind or solar. This is definitely powerful if you have a big enough solar grid at home and it creates quite the cycle of environmental responsibility. Furthermore, in addition to the advances being made on electric car batteries, many of the bodies are also increasingly eco-friendly. For example Ford Focus’ new EV is made of recycled substances and it’s inside seating is from naturally-sourced materials and the Nissan Leaf also is made partly from recycled appliances and old bags and water bottles. It sounds basic, but it ends up as one beautiful and durable car.¹

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in addition to being environmentally friendly, less prone to breakdowns and nice to drive, the price of electric vehicles is steadily going down in the US. In 2019 alone, electric vehicles declined by 13.4% from their prices the previous year which is a really significant drop.

Elon Musk of Tesla has famously said that he hopes the future will see electric cars become even more popular than gas cars, but even though sales of electric vehicles are only around 2% they are growing quickly.

Along with the rise in renewable energy, electric vehicles are a trend of the future as communities work towards being more sustainable and rethinking the way we commute and get around. The increasing production of electric vehicles, falling prices and growing concern for the environment is likely to see this trend continue as more people make the decision to go electric.⁴