Amazing Apps to Get Smarter About Your Money

Today’s smartphones are technological marvels that can help you improve many areas of your life. That includes your personal finances. Here is a list of amazing apps that will help you get smarter about your money.


Empower is a two-pronged app that maximizes your ability to save with an effective budget. It links up all your financial accounts and helps you get a grip on what’s going on with your spending and savings so you can take control of your cash flow.

Empower lets you put limits on spending and has an AutoSave feature that’s extremely useful and will help you meet weekly or monthly savings objectives. This app really helps you keep on track and empowers your monetary decision-making. The app will also help you manage costly subscriptions that are dragging down your finances and make you much smarter about your money overall.¹


Digit is a free app that helps enormously with savings tips and strategies for beginners. Keep in mind that it’s only free for the first thirty days and then costs $5 per month, but the price is more than worth it considering the skills this app has.

Using an effective algorithm, Digit tracks how you’re spending and why and then optimizes a target for you letting you know what you should be spending daily as a maximum amount in order to still hit saving goals. This app has helped people save a lot of money and is user-friendly and efficient. Check it out.²

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a free investment app that also lets you budget in some useful and innovative ways. It helps you keep track of spending and improve it to meet saving goals while being focused mainly on investing.

By analyzing your portfolio and net worth, Personal Capital compares this with your spending and overall financial profile so that you can work to meet realistic financial goals while also optimizing your investments and knowing when it’s time to dump a stock or mutual fund or stick with it to meet your overall financial objectives.³


Joy is a free app for iPhone with an Android version coming soon. It’s all about personal finances but with a focus on what makes you happy. Here’s how Joy works: you input feedback after making purchases on how happy you feel after. The app then helps you consider purchases and the cost based on the happiness they provide.

The app also has a ton of interesting and informative articles that cover a broad range of financial and monetary topics and what’s more is that it gives you a lot of tips on how to save more money and align your purchases with your own life satisfaction. There’s no doubt that Joy is a unique and user-friendly app that’s highly recommended.⁴


Think of Albert as Albert Einstein, Financial Genius. Really this app is basically your personal financial coach right in the palm of your hand. It learns all about your saving, spending, investments and what you’re up to with your dollar bills and then tells you how to improve.

Albert helps you work out a great budget and unsubscribe from stuff you don’t use while also alerting you to trial periods that are ending, special discounts, ways you can save on bills and habits that are sinking you in financial quicksand. This helpful guy is also available in a paid version that has real human support people who will give you in-depth financial advice on issues you’re working on and help you reach the top tiers of financial health.¹