8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Daily Life

Tired of feeling exhausted and down? There is good news on the horizon. Life doesn’t have to be hard all the time: there are some reliable ways to make your days go by with a little bit more relaxation and enjoy the finer things more. Here are eight simple ways to make your life better right away.

1. Sleep Is Sensational

Getting a good sleep can be the number one way to make your life easier. Lack of sleeps leads to all sorts of nasty things like stress and exhaustion. Try going to sleep earlier and getting a full night’s sleep. If you’re having sleep issues try changing up your diet, eating earlier – and less – and, if necessary, taking a supplement like melatonin.¹

2. Get Your E-Life Organized

These days it seems like there’s always new stress from our e-mail inbox or online accounts. One good tip is to star emails that you need to respond to and sending all the rest to archive folders. This trims down your inbox massively and makes it less daunting. Also write out pre-set responses to basic inquiries or emails so that you don’t have to constantly write out “thank you for getting in touch …” and so on.²

3. Just Say No (Sometimes)

Sometimes saying no is the right thing to do. You can’t always go to that party or that work get-together, nor can you always take on new projects or even added family responsibilities. Know your limits and stick to them: your life will immediately get easier if you say no the next time somebody asks you to do something optional that’s going to be a real hassle.³

4. Money Matters

As much as there’s more to life than money, problems with money can be enough to ruin everything else. Do what you can to work out a reliable financial plan immediately and do your best to spend less. Your life will become a bit easier when you don’t worry about every nickel and dime. Make a monthly budget and stick to it and think over ever major optiional purchase for one day before buying. You’ll find that you end up saving a lot.⁴

5. Just Do It

This step is the opposite of just saying no. Sometimes things come up in life that just need doing whether it’s mowing the lawn or renogiating a contract at work. Instead of putting it off and procrastinating (and making every day more stressful with a sword of doom seeming to hang over your head) you sometimes need to just do it. Get the necessary thing done as soon as possible so you have time to relax and stop worrying.⁴

6. Don’t Cell Yourself Short

Cell phones are incredibly useful but having one with you at all times can also make life stressful. After all, when you have your cell and someone calls or texts what excuse do you have for not answering? Being busy? Busy answering other texts and calls, most likely. Consider taking a break some days of the week to spend time without your cell phone and leave it at home when you walk the dog or do other daily tasks. You’ll end up having a bit easier day.³

7. Easier Meals

Meals are one of those necessities that can also end up becoming quite time-consuming and frustrating. There’s always takeout but that can get expensive. Instead of this, consider prepping meals ahead of time for the whole week (have one “cooking day”) and make simpler, nutritious meals that don’t require really complex ingredients and long preparation time. Simple meals, simple life.¹

8. Help!

At the end of the day sometimes you just need a bit of help. There’s no shame in that and it can make everything else a lot easier to sometimes just ask for the help you need and speed the whole process up. Whether it’s work, personal life, your finances or even friendships sometimes help and advice can get you out of a tight spot and make things a lot easier.⁵

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