7 Useful Apps That Hardly Anyone Knows About

Smartphone applications, or apps, are very useful. Whether you want to find your way around with a map app, translate a foreign language, play a game to pass some time or check the weather, there’s an app for everything. Here are seven outstanding apps that barely anyone knows about.


Sleepbot is super useful and very innovative. What it does is it tracks your sleep and tells you what is good and what is bad about your sleep patterns.

This measures how long you sleep, the quality of your sleep and many other factors which are very important to how well rested you actually feel when you get up in the morning and whether your body has the energy it needs. Get Sleepbot and improve your sleep.¹

Out of Milk

Shopping can get confusing and that’s where Out of Milk comes in. This ultra-helpful app lets you write down shopping lists and keep track of all your grocery needs and what you need more of while also cross-referencing that with deals at local stores that you visit.

This adds up to major savings and convenience – and it also reminds you when you need to buy more of something in case you forget.²


This app may be a little strange, but for those movie fans among us it can really make your life better. What RunPee does is it tells you the best times to run and pee during a movie – the boring or less important times, in other words. The next time you’re at the cinema and you really need to pee but you don’t want to miss what’s just about to happen you can open RunPee and get your briefing. Then run for it.³


If you’re looking for a flight, hotel or other travel things then Skiplagged is the little-known app that will give you the inside edge. What Skiplagged does is it finds cheaper than normal flights that are part of layovers from other longer flights. You can then hop on at a greatly reduced rate and enjoy the savings. This site doesn’t mess around with trying to force you to sign up for anything or have any hidden tricks: it’s just intense flight savings right in the palm of your hand. Check it out.¹


If your Britney Spears ringtone from 1995 is starting to sound a little outdated, Ringdroid can help you out. Maybe you don’t want to update to just another generic ringtone that everyone seems to have – you know when you’re on the bus and a phone rings and everyone reaches for their phone because they have the same ringtone? Ringdroid let’s you literally make your own ringtone, alarms and other sounds from scratch or from mixing and matching some pre-recorded templates.²


Toontastic is a lot of fun and it can be useful as well if you work in media or want to send fun or informative animations to friends. It lets you use a drag and drop system to make fun animations including using your voice and you can position and move characters around to create the story or thing you’re trying to talk about. It’s super fun and highly recommended.⁴


You know all the old romantic comedies where a guy’s friend tells him everything to say on a date and the woman actually falls in love with the friend behind the scenes? Crowdpilot lets you “crowdsource” your social interactions by letting strangers or friends come in on a conversation and suggest what to do. Job interview? Date? Valedictorian speech? Fire up Crowdpilot and let random people on the internet tell you how to live your life. Enjoy.³

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