6 Small Gift Ideas That Are The Perfect Way to Say Thanks

There are times in life when you just want to say thanks a lot – but in a small way. You wonder what to buy and the typical ideas come to mind: chocolates, flowers, a card. The good news is there are more creative small gift ideas that can brighten someone’s day without breaking your bank account or going overboard with sentimentality. Here’s a guide.

1. Comfy Ice Cream Scooper

Have you ever tried to scoop ice cream and ended up with a sore thumb and a pitifully small scoop? Thankfully there are scoopers now on the market that have rounded handles and are comfy to use. Whether you’re scooping Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip or just good old Vanilla, a nice easy-to-use scooper is going to make it a lot easier and less annoying. Buying one of these guys for a friend or colleague is a great way to say thanks and enjoy the ice cream – without straining your hands and wrist.¹

2. Wine Bottle Protectors

Wine is a surefire winner for many friends, family and colleague and it can make a great gift. But if you want to downscale a bit and be even more unique, consider buying a wine bottle protector. They’re coated on the inside with bubble wrap and fasten with velcro so even if you need to check bags your wine can stay safe. In any case, you just never know when the wine party on the back deck is going to get a bit wild, and with wine bottle protectors looking after your precious cargo you can rest assured that they’ll show up at the table nice and intact. Your friends will love this gift and you can get it for under $20.²

3. Dog Collar

These days dogs are more than just pets, they can be like someone’s member of the family. Buying a cute dog collar or even custom-making one can be a wonderful small gift idea. In addition, if you know the person you want to get a gift for already has a cute little dog collar then consider just buying some charms for the collar or even a unique outfit for their furry cuddle companion. This is a gift that’s sure to be a hit for the receiver and for their barking buddy.³

4. Snack Bowl

Do you have a gift recipient who likes to snack? From cashews to chips you can go for a good old-fashioned snack bowl. This is sure to be cheap and there are all sorts of unique designs that can be filled with delicious treats and be the companion to many a great movie night. It’s hard to go wrong with a snack bowl.⁴

5. Avocado Ripening Sock

If you’ve ever purchased an avocado that wasn’t ripe and watched in despair as it sat there unripened for a week then you know how great this present is. It’s a snug little avocado ripening sock that will get your avocado ripe in about two days. The wool’s lanolin and storage in a warm place stimulates the avocado to do its thing and this sock can also be used to ripen up other fruits and vegetables as well. Enjoy the guacamole!¹

6. Super Cool Mini Eight Ball

If you want even more ideas about small gifts to buy – or even just what to do about a major life decision that’s coming up then this gift should have it handled for you. It’s a super cool mini eight ball that you can fit in your pocket and shake up when you want some answers. Next time you just don’t know what flavor of ice-cream to get, or if you’re not sure whether to buy avocados or tomatoes, just use this eight ball to give you the answer.²

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