6 of the Best Personal Fitness Apps This Year

Keeping your mind and body healthy is an excellent goal. However, keeping track of fitness and motivating yourself to stick to your daily exercises can be a challenge. That’s where apps come in: helpful digital buddies who can get your fitness levels up. Here’s a guide to six of the best personal fitness apps of 2020.


If you’re into yoga then YogaGlo is the ideal app for you. It has a wide range of classes that you can do every day which are all focused on working on different things from breathing to posture to better sleep or even strength training. It will give you the yoga poses that work best to achieve your desired goals.

The sessions can be downloaded and used offline and YogaGlo also has excellent customer service. It has been steadily growing in popularity and works on your Apple watch as well, so you can sync your yoga time easily and keep track of your progress on all your Mac products.¹

FitBit Coach

FitBit Coach works with Android and iOs and is an outstanding personal fitness app. Many people are already familiar with FitBits, which help track and motivate your daily fitness goals, and the FitBit Coach just takes it one step further, giving you workout plans through audio and video lessons.

The fitness classes offered by FitBit Coach can be done at home, outside or in the gym and they are customized and respond depending on how hard you find the workouts and your fitness level.²


Fiit is one of the best personal fitness apps on the market and leads the way in home workout classes. It has a really diverse package of workouts lasting between 25 to 40 minutes and targeting different muscle groups or focuses from strength training to cardio to pilates.

Fiit is linked to a heart monitor and keeps track of your fitness progress so you can try to beat your personal best the next time and it also has great trainers and clear, motivational videos that will get your sweat flowing. Pricing starts at around $26.50 per month.³

Nike Training Club

This totally free personal fitness app is very user friendly and you can choose specific workouts to target different areas of the body or fitness goals. Even yoga classes are offered within the app. It’s available on iOS and Android and is definitely worth trying out given that it costs nothing.⁴


Gymaholic is a superb personal fitness app that’s well suited for everyone from beginners to truly committed gym beasts. It has clear and well explained guides for how to do workouts and to see how your training is building up different parts of your body. Gymaholic is highly recommended and has been a big hit with fitness buffs of all ages and walks of life. Gymaholic is free or there is a premium version for about $4.65 per month.³


MyFitnessPal is a household name when it comes to personal fitness apps and many choose to upgrade from the free to premium version because of the many features it offers. MyFitnessPal tracks your calories, workouts and gives suggestions and also has a huge library of workouts and foods to make sure your diet and lifestyle is matching your fitness goals.

MyFitnessPal goes beyond the level of a mere app and becomes like a personal trainer sidekick, motivating and pushing you to reach your fitness goals and hit your full potential in terms of nutrition and physical health.¹

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