5 Fascinating Historical Podcasts

When a podcast really gets your attention it’s obvious. Time flies by and before you know it you’ve already clicked the next episode. One of the most fascinating categories are podcasts about history. Here are the top five fascinating – and sometimes funny – historical podcasts.

History on Fire

History on Fire is an excellent podcast done by history professor Daniele Bolelli. He does his best to dig deeper into the hidden parts of history and the great figures both evil and virtuous who have shaped it. Bolelli’s podcast is fascinating and really draws you in as a listener. His latest podcast is about a brave rescue mission during World War Two where US forces teamed up with Filipino fighters to go behind enemy lines and rescue prisoners of war who were in grave danger. History on Fire is history done right: personal, exciting, disturbing, uplifting and always interesting.¹

Hope, Through History

Hope, Through History is a podcast presented by historian Jon Meacham. The focus is on the most challenging moments in American history including the world wars, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Spanish Flu of 1918 and more. By focusing on crisis points where the nation emerged stronger, Meacham uplifts the listener, providing hope for our present times and a panoply of real-world examples of how humans can come together and beat even the toughest of circumstances.²

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Hardcore History has gained a devoted following since it broke onto the scene in 2005. The podcast hosted by Dan Carlin is on the longer side but he’s known as one of the best historical storytellers on the planet for a good reason: he really is just that. He brings you through history in a way even the best professors and presenters often fail to do, making it fully visible before your eyes and guiding you through the epic highs and lows of history from ancient Rome to current events through a historical lens. Carlin is unsurpassed and Hardcore History is guaranteed not to disappoint.³

The Dollop

If you like history but you also like comedy then the Dollop has you covered. This podcast was launched in 2014 by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds and it finds unique ways to uncover the truly hilarious and ridiculous parts of real history that will have you doubling over in laughter. These guys find some truly bizarre and hilarious stories from history, with recent examples being a podcast on Earl Long of Louisiana. Long served as governor of Louisiana in the 1930s, 40s and 50s and in addition to various successful programs was known for some truly bizarre incidents that gave him an outlandish reputation. The format of the Dollop is that Anthony tells Reynolds about a crazy episode from US history without Reynolds knowing beforehand what it will be, which makes for some hilarious interactions.⁴

Our Fake History

Our Fake History is a neat little podcast that focuses on historical myths and truisms that we think are true but that actually aren’t. There are actually a lot of these not quite true historical incidents that need correcting. You can be the next guy at the dinner party who says “well, actually …” and impresses or annoys all the guests. Topics range from the birth of rock n’ roll to African tribal leaders or the nagging question of whether William Shakespeare really wrote everything he’s credited with. What about if you’ve always wondered whether the mystical island of Atlantis has any truth to it? Our Fake History goes deep to uncover the truth with credible sources and enlighten the listener and is highly recommended.⁵

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