5 Amazing Apps for Working Out at Home

Working out at home can be an excellent and transformative experience. You can move at your own pace, set your own goals and make progress without any need for expensive equipment or technology. In addition, there are a number of free and priced apps which make tracking your home workout progress and sticking to your goals easier.


Couch to 5K is an excellent app that encourages you to pursue your running dreams and make them come true. It includes music to get you pumped up and audio coaching. The goal is to get you up to 5,000 kilometers in distance by eight-weeks, although the length can be adjusted. You can work on small progress a bit at a time and – what’s even better – the app is completely free so you can download it without worrying about any strain on your finances.¹


Aaptiv costs $15 per month (less if you pay for the full year up front), but it is definitely one of the best workout apps on the market, with literally thousands of guided workouts that will push you to the next level and bring your fitness to an apex. Aaptiv doesn’t use videos so you don’t need to worry about craning your neck to get a look at the screen and can focus on following its voice instructions as well as included music. You can set goals and input what equipment you have at home so you can work with what you have. Even better, Aaptiv has a free trial period if you want to try before you buy.²


Forte has a free and a paid version. The paid version costs $288 per year or $39 per month. The Forte is streamed online and has classes you can join as a real instructor teaches a class. Many classes don’t require extra equipment either, although you can check this ahead of time. Forte is basically a home gym fitness class membership. If you want to see what Forte’s all about before spending any money sign up for the Practice Squad and try out some classes before registering to pay monthly or annually, since the price can get up there if you’re not making regular use of the classes; however if you do attend classes regularly Forte can be an excellent option.³


Runtastic is a great app from Adidas that guides you through training and running routines that will take your fitness up a notch and have you pushing yourself to new levels of accomplishment. It has a lot of free content including video and audio to make your home workout and runs the best they can be. The only downside is that if you don’t like Adidas you will see a number of ads from them, however overall this app is highly recommended and lets you specify which body areas you want to focus on in your workout. There are also paid versions of the app that feature upgraded premium training apps, although the free version is quite sufficient for many people.²


Jetfit is focused on strength training and lets you customize workouts and target whatever muscle groups you want to hone. It has a good tracking system for your reps and workout progress so you can see your achievements day by day and week by week. The free app has some ads and the paid version comes without ads and some upgraded options and workouts. Jetfit is definitely one of the best home workout apps on the market and is worth looking into to help meet your fitness goals and reach your full potential.³

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