4 of the Best Translation Apps Currently Available

Foreign languages can be challenging, but thankfully translation apps are here to help. Some apps, however, are better than others. Here’s a list of the best translation apps out there – paid and unpaid – looking at their advantages and disadvantages.

Google Translate

Google Translate has more than 100 languages and offers 59 languages that you can download to use for offline translation. It also has a feature where you can handwrite and camera translation for 37 languages, making it one of the best translation apps in the field. Even better is that Google Translate is free. This app isn’t perfect, however, and sometimes translations can be given incorrectly. In addition, the loading time is not always amazing and it will sometimes freeze on you. Nonetheless, Google Translate deserves its place among the top four translation apps because of its many excellent features and generally top-level performance. If you need translation on the go this app has you covered.¹


There are a variety of iTranslate apps including Voice and Converse. The main iTranslate app is excellent though and translates more than 100 languages with 16 available offline. You can also hook it up to synchronize with your Apple Watch and it has a keyboard extension for iMessage and iPhone so you can use this just about anywhere with major convenience. The primary iTranslate app is free of cost and has all sorts of ads, but for the better pro version you will pay around $3 to #5 per month. If you have to do quite a lot of on the go translation this price can be more than worth it. The app also allows your to do different dialects and have audio readouts done by a male or female reader, which is a cool feature. Overall iTranslate is highly recommended and deserves to be on a list of the best translation apps.²


TripLingo is a translation app that goes the extra mile. It lets you download packages for your destination so that you are all set up to translate images, voice and text as well as a phrasebook of key things to say in that other language and a feature so you can still make phone calls when you’re in a foreign country using Wifi. TripLingo also keeps you up to date on the culture and customs of the place you’re in. This includes about practical things like whether tipping is expected, norms about clothing and customs to do with how to greet the elderly or people in official positions. TripLingo is definitely one of the best translation apps on the market  and the basic version is free as well. The upgraded pro version of TripLingo costs $39.99 for three months and can definitely be worth it if you’re going to an exotic locale where you don’t know a word and feel a bit overwhelmed. TripLingo will take care of you and is one of the best translation apps in the world.¹


VoiceTra is a great translator app for Android that is especially skilled at translating voice between 31 different languages. VoiceTra has been gaining in popularity and is worth your time to check out. Although it doesn’t quite rise to the level of an app like TripLingo it is still perfectly good for many people’s needs. It is free to download and easy to use, with quick operating speed and a real-time text system that shows what you’re saying as you say it. It also works as a dictionary and is quite accurate for speech recognition and accuracy. VoiceTra is certainly recommended and can make traveling abroad or speaking in a different language much easier whatever your needs may be.³

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