4 Major Confidence Hacks to Boost Your Daily Performance

Confidence is the elixir that can make dreams come true. But where do you find it? Not all of us are blessed with high self-esteem and confidence levels. Fortunately there are some easy secrets to building self-confidence that you can do right now that will boost your performance in every area. Here they are.

Smash Through Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Remember the dreams you had when you were young? Maybe it was being an astronaut, becoming the President or solving world hunger. You believed anything was possible. But the limiting beliefs of those around you and the busy times of life started to crowd those out.

You started to pick up one or two limiting beliefs during hard times that you couldn’t necessarily accomplish what you wanted, that life is hard, maybe even some really deep damaging mindsets like “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t accomplish what I dream of.”

The truth is that maybe you won’t become an astronaut or the President – although these days anything seems possible – but you can do much more than you might imagine. Self-limiting beliefs are like a virus and they not only bring us down, they can drag down those around us and lead to lost opportunities from those who don’t feel inspired because we aren’t inspired.

Go through your deep inner beliefs and examine them. Then smash through them by proving them wrong. Does your mind tell you that you aren’t good enough? Do something right now that counteracts that belief from a workout to talking to an old friend who cares about you. Begin to smash through your self-limiting beliefs.¹

Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

Another major confidence hack that can help you right now is to think about people you admire and the qualities you look up to in them. Maybe it’s your dad or mom, maybe it’s your high school teacher, maybe it’s an historical figure like Martin Luther King Jr. or Charles de Gaulle. Think of the way this person embodies the kind of characteristics that you want to have in yourself.

Then consciously cultivate their approach and philosophy to life. Think of this person you admire like a template and a proof. They are a template who gives you the roadmap to a path you can follow and they are a proof that it’s possible to live up to certain ideals and inner and outer strengths. Stick with it and watch your confidence levels soar.²

Write It Down

Keep a journal of your successes. When you have a big win write it down. Write down positive conversations, upcoming opportunities, things you appreciate, things you got write.

When you put down in words the positive things that are happening and could happen you are sending powerful signals to the neurons in your brain. Signals like: I am good enough, I can do this, I will do this. These signals have a major effect on the future and on your mental and emotional framing as you walk into new situations. Try it and see.³

Memory Power

In many cases our memories are loaded with emotional and subjective biases. It’s natural that each of us has a different experience of life, however many times we will remember a situation in a way that limits our own power or feeds into a story of inadequacy, guilt or resignation.

Go back and look at the memory of an emotionally-charged even that really brought you down. Is it really true that you were to blame or that you made a mistake? In many cases sensitive and well-meaning people can blame themselves for situations that weren’t their fault.

It’s good to hold yourself to a high standard, but there’s a difference between doing that and believing a memory where you are the bad guy when it’s not true. Try to take an objective look and you might see that you have very good reasons to be confident: you’re doing the best you can and will begin to do even better.¹

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